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     Model Max / d       B60P 60kg / 20g handle for carrying internal battery APPLICATIONS:   CERTIFICATES Scale with a comfortable grip to carry and internal accumulator that provides mobility. Equipped with a full set of special functions. Special functions: cooperation with a printer or a computer Downloads: User manual for B60P Technical data Model B60P…


For parcels

       Model Max / d       B30P 30kg / 10g       B50P 50kg / 20g stainless steel cabinet clear display APPLICATIONS: CERTIFICATES Scale is adjusted to weight parcels. The pan is made of stainless steel. Additional indicator as a option. Special functions: cooperation with a computer or a printer full set of special functions Downloads: User manual…


For letters

     Model Max / d       B2P 2kg / 1g pan for A4 envelopes display for Customers APPLICATIONS: CERTIFICATES Scales with additional display for clients and a pan adapted for A4 envelopes. B2P scales are equipped with a full set of special functions like pieces counting, adding series of measurements and indications in percentage. Special functions: full set…