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Meters with external sensor

Model Max / d FB1k 1kN (~100kg) / 0,2N FB2k 2kN (~200kg) / 0,5N FB5k 5kN (~500kg) / 1N FB10k 10kN (~1t) / 2N FB20k 20kN (~2t) / 5N FB50k 50kN (~5t) / 10N FB100k 100kN (~10t) / 20N FB150k 150kN (~15t) / 50N FC1k 1kN (~100kg) / 0,2N FC2k 2kN (~200kg) / 0,5N FC5k…


Meters with internal sensor

Model Max / d FB50 50N (5kg) / 0,01N FB200 200N (20kg) / 0,05N FB500 500N (50kg) / 0,1N FC50 50N (5kg) / 0,01N FC200 200N (20kg) / 0,05N FC500 500N (50kg) / 0,1N   terminals for measuring press and pull force indications in g, lb, oz, N, kg, kgf, lbf, ozf graphical display USB…